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Brook Farm Cattery – Hindley, Wigan

Welcome to Brook Farm Cattery, we are a family run business based in Hindley Green, Wigan. We are lovers of all animals and have surrounded ourselves with furry friends of all shapes and sizes all of our lives, so it made perfect sense to us to start a business which revolves around the care of animals, but we didn’t stop there….Read More

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More Than Just a Cattery

Here at Brook Farm Cattery we have a appreciation for all of animals, we are involved with Cats Protection League and Lucky Hens. Over the years we have filled up Brook Farm Cattery with many permanent residents, These include 6 Dogs, 6 Chickens, 2 Sheep, 2 Cats and Pond full of Fish! We have both the experience and space to care for Cats, Rabbits, Chickens and All Small Animals (reptiles not included)